Your Problem is Not Lack of Financial Education


financial educationFinancial education- we all know we need more, we don’t teach it and education is the key to having financially wise people.

I am here to say – bullshit!


Financial education is every where– trust me I have been trying to compete in this space for 8 years now.


Education is not our problem.


Lack of self responsibility and taking action is our problem.


Your finances are a mess not because you can’t find information on them but because you are not ready to own the fact that you are the reason they are not working and that you are the one who has to take action to fix them.


The longer you wait to take any action the more you will have to do!


The longer our society as a whole waits  to take any action the worse off all of us we will be (including those who are doing the right things!)


It is no one but you who is responsible for your money.


Are you ready to get over your excuses and start building your financial independence?


Need help getting started?
The important part is to stop procrastinating and get going – TODAY!
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Tamsen says February 12, 2015

So well said Andrea! No one can argue with the truth in my opinion. And I really appreciate your list of starter resources – am definitely going to be sharing those with the small businesses that I work with.

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