What is a Home Warranty About?

A home warranty protects you from the expenses of a breakdown or malfunction of your household appliances and systems. It provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that in case of anything there’s always a qualified technician ready to do the necessary repairs or replacement.

It’s especially recommendable to get a home warranty cover if you’re a first-time owner with no previous experience in maintaining a house.

How does it work?

Though specific plans may vary from one insurer to another, there’s a general process that most home owners follow when seeking warranty.

i) When your home appliance or system breaks down or malfunctions, you shall call the home warranty provider

ii) The company will then book an appointment for solving the problem

iii) A technician will be sent to your home to fix the issue. However, if an appliance is faulty and can’t be repaired then the company will provide money to replace and install a new appliance.

iv) Finally, the homeowner may be required to pay a small trade-service charge for the visit, which is usually less than $100 dollars.

Protecting your appliances

A home warranty can protect various appliances in your home such as dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and kitchen fans. Should any of these items malfunction, you are just a phone-call away from getting assistance from qualified technicians. The policy covers everything including labor, replacement parts and customer service time.

Typically, kitchen appliances have varying life expectancies and may require different warranty plans. Some companies may provide free repair or replacement for breakdowns that occur from natural causes.

While it’s ideal to protect every appliance in your home, always give top priority to those that are of key importance to your lifestyle and budget. A sales representative from your insurance company can help with exploring these decisions so as to make the best choice for your family.

Protecting your home systems

A home warranty can safeguard your systems from inevitable disasters that are more commonplace. Some of the items covered under this plan include; air conditioner, electrical panel/wiring, plumbing, water heater and furnace. When your pipe leaks, the water heater goes cold or your air conditioner fails the warranty cover will come to your aid for repairs or replacement of the unit.

While some homeowners purchase extended warranties for electronics, these can be pricey and may cost up to 1/3 of the item’s original price. Home warranties are far more affordable and convenient than this. It’s recommendable for anyone who has the following needs:

a) You want protection from repair or replacement costs of damaged equipment

b) You want cover for electrical or mechanical damages caused by accidents

c) You want coverage for loss-of-use and breakdown of systems

With this cover, you won’t have to worry about a malfunctioning unit in your house. You will immediately be connected to a licensed, expert service contractor who’ll diagnose your system and recommend a restoration or replacement. Other home systems that may be covered by the plan include; central vacuums, doorbells and smoke detectors,

Using home warranty to complement your existing home insurance:

While a home insurance serves to protect your home from calamities such as fires, theft and natural disasters, a warranty can be used to complement it by securing your budget from the costs of repairing or replacing covered household systems or appliances when they get damaged.

Remember to choose your coverage wisely by getting a policy that fits your home and available budget. Some companies provide Combo plans that cover both you and your home appliances.

When any of your covered items break, you can promptly request service online or via phone call 24/7. A pro will immediately be dispatched to your residence to provide diagnosis and offer a solution.

In conclusion, since home warranty plans tend to vary from one state to another, it’s recommendable to ask for a sample copy of the policy for review before committing to it. Also be keen to know whether the company will provide payment for repairs to make certain appliances/systems compliant with new regulations.

A home warranty plan can safeguard you from expenses that you didn’t plan for on damaged household items, it will meet the costs of repairs or replacement thus giving you total peace of mind as the homeowner.