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what is a spousal ira

What is a Spousal IRA and How New Business Owners can use it to Save for Retirement

Want to save for retirement but you don’t have an earned income (or it is a small earned income)? Wish you had access to the benefits of an IRA, but that earned income thing is setting you back? Not

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Increase Your Retirement Savings

What is a Non-Deductible IRA: Are They Right for You

You just got a raise at work and paid off all your debt.  Now you can’t wait to start a new IRA in addition to maxing out your 401K.  Sadly you quickly learn that you don’t meet the requirements

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Introduction to Retirement Options for Self Employed

Being self employed does not allow you to save for retirement as easily as if you worked for someone else.  When you work for someone else they take the responsibility of figuring out the best retirement

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What is a Roth IRA

So what exactly is a Roth IRA?  (Other than one more confusing term for investing). History (short and sweet): Back in 1997 congress put together a bill called the Taxpayer Relief Act of 197.  One of

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