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mutual fund or etfs

Helpful Comparison of Which to Use Mutual Funds or ETFs

I love exchange traded funds (ETFs). They are a great way to start investing right away at a really low cost. However, this does not mean that an ETF is always the best investment vehicle to use. Deciding

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Mutual Fund Turnover Ratio: What You Need to Know to Pick a Fund

Another investing term that you need to get used to and understand (yes there are tons of them): Mutual fund turnover ratio. The turnover ratio is how often the fund is buying and selling stocks.   It

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index fund basics

[Index Fund Basics] Are They a Mistake or the Way to Go

Anytime you are learning about investing you can’t avoid the words: indexes and index fund investing. It can be hard to tell if this is a trend, hype or really a great way to invest. Following I

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mutual fund minimum investment

How to Understand What a Mutual Fund Minimum Investment Is

What is a mutual fund minimum investment?  It is the smallest dollar amount you can open a mutual fund with. Understanding what a minimum purchase is does not seem like it should be all that hard to understand.

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