wealth coach for small business owners

Working for yourself is rewarding, yet it creates issues that you never thought about.

Such as finding personal finance and investing advice that matched the unpredictability of a small business.

Or trying to figure out retirement without someone else setting up a 401K for you.

The hardest part? All decisions that you make for your small business impact your lifestyle.

But that is not all...

All decisions you make with your personal finances impact your business.

You end up having to make decisions based that impact every aspect of your life. All based on advice that is meant for someone with a 9 to 5 job.

Luckily you have found Take a Smart Step.

We are here to give you personal finance, investing and small business finance advice.

With you and your financial needs as a small business owners as my number one priority.

Have a look around and if you don't find what you need drop us a note!

Where to Start

Really not sure what you want to start with? This page will help you find what you need.


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