Not Ready to Invest? Steps You Should Take to Get Ready

not ready to invest, do this nowFeel like you are not ready to start investing?  Think that gives you a free ticket to ignore investing right now?

Don’t make that mistake, there are still things you should be doing, even if you are not financially able to invest.

First, before we get into what you should be doing if you are not investing I want to touch on the not saving part. Please reconsider this as the sooner you get started investing the better.  In fact, even if you are just saving $25 a month it is better than not saving anything at all.  (For more details check out the Benefits of Investing Early Post.)

Now onto what you should be doing to get ready for investing!

Start learning how to invest right now.  You cannot instantly know how to invest, so you might as well be preparing to invest by learning the basics.  This does not have to be a big time commitment, but set aside 15 minutes a week to read a book, or blog or anything that has to do with investing!

Ensure that you are actually making forward progress with your money so you can get to the investing stage.  If you say you will start investing when the debt is gone, but you are not actively working on it, then you are creating a bigger problem by putting off everything for tomorrow.

Action time: decide if you are going to start investing today or are you going to at least start learning about it today?  Please share what you are going to do in the comments and get going!

Your retirement won’t always be some far off distant event, so start today and take control of that future!

Need help paying off your debt so you can invest?  Check out my Debt Kickstart ebook so you can get started the right way!