Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Social media has become very popular. It can be found on the majority of mobile devices in the majority of households. It can be used in so many ways for many different ages. The younger generations tend to use them for social purposes. They post photos and information as a source of social status to others. It has become a social norm in a way. Older generations tend to use social media for different reasons. One of the main purposes can be for news and information resources. They also use it for social purposes well, but possibly in a different way. They tend to include their children and families with their social circle. So which social media platforms are the most popular? Lets take a look at the most commonly used applications.


Facebook is the king of all social media. They really brought together the idea of social media in general. The idea behind facebook is that you have friends who you can connect with and not only share your information with, but you can see their information as well. You can also follow local businesses and news platforms to keep you updated. Friends, Businesses and organizations can have event details and calendar info. Businesses can use it almost as a secondary website. The difference is that all of the information is real time. For example, a company who would like to help you find the cheapest oil in Ohio can make sure to show up in your news feed.


Youtube is another social media application that uses videos to reach others. Anyone is able to get an account with the website and are able to post videos. There are many categories of videos, anything from fun, instructional, news, tv or movies. The possibilities are endless. If you can think of any type of video than I am sure it already exists on youtube.


Instagram is a social media platform that  has an emphasis on photos and photography in general. When it first came out it focused on the idea of filters for your photos. You could edit and use filters on your mobile device photos at an instant. Businesses tend to use this platform when they have an emphasis on aesthetics. It is a way to convey your message and look to your customers. Instagram also made the idea of hashtags popular as well.


Twitter is unique in that it has an emphasis on your words. It started by creating the idea of 

Having a limit on the characters you can use in your tweet or message. The limit that twitter has is 280 characters per tweet so the idea is that you need to convey your update in as few words as possible. Short but concise.


Pinterest allows you to store internet content. It can be pictures, articles, information that is “pinned” to your board. You create a board for different topics so you can go back and revist what you found. This is genius because it is a one stop shop for any category in your life and you don’t have to go searching through notes, emails, text messages, and pictures to remember things you wanted to take note of.

Whether you are a business or individual, you can find benefits of all of the social media platforms. People tend to have favorites and they do that by finding what works best for them.