Money and Gratitude: Why They Work Together

money and gratitudeToday I want to talk about gratitude and how it helps your money in more than a “law of attraction” way.

We are often told that be grateful and the universe will send you more.  Yet if you are like me you wonder if it is that simple or is there something more to it.

What I have learned is that there is a real connection to the impact that being grateful has on you. It is more than be grateful and the universe will provide.

You can watch the video here about the benefits of practicing gratitude or read below.

First off you are more positive the more gratitude you have.  So what happens in your life when you are more positive?

  • Better relationships. When you appreciate what you have and the relationships in your life. Then you create better bonds and friendships that allow you to thrive more.
  • Decreased stress – when you are not as stressed you eliminate that desperate feeling that others can sense.  Sales and achieving your goals thus get much easier.
  • Increase sense of belonging – when you feel like part of a group it allows you to be more comfortable. Thus, making it easier to ask for help. Creating a situation where it is easier to achieve what you desire because of more help.
  • Increases desire to help others – thus you are providing more value in the world.  And as Zig Ziglar says, the more value you give the more you get!
  • Changes your time perspective – we all have an outlook on the world based on our own time perspective.  The more gratitude you have you move from the negative based perspective to one geared for today.  Allowing you to focus on today and not the past.

The second area that gratitude improves is your health.  When you are healthier you have more energy and drive to go out and achieve your goals.

Many areas improve but here are a couple examples;

  • better sleep (Applied Psychology Journal)
  • Improved immune system No sick days stopping you from making more money.

Now it is action time: we need to increase your gratitude!  There are many ways to do this but I recommend the following:

  • Keep a gratitude journal every night – write down at least five things that went great today.
  • Say thank you out loud when something great happens.
  • Acknowledge the good in every bad situation. By taking a moment to acknowledge the positives that you are getting.  We learn and grow from every life experience – we should be grateful for that.

I would love it if you could share in the comments how you focus on being more grateful.

Heidi says December 24, 2013

What a great article. Great information that was a wonderful reminder of how gratitude can be contagious. Just as negative thoughts can be toxic. Thank you again!! Cheers to a great 2013 and looking forward to a outstanding 2014.

    Andrea says December 26, 2013

    Thank you Heidi!

Gold Price says January 2, 2014

What most of us don’t realize is that it’s the small, seemingly insignificant ways that we are not in harmony with abundance that actually block it from coming into our lives. We don’t have to be feeling or broadcasting massive emotional resistance. Smaller forms of resistance – not feeling grateful, feeling uneasy with abundance, a mild resentment at work – are enough to block the flow. If there is anything out of alignment energetically on the path to abundance, you will not be seen by the universe as being in harmony with abundance… simple but true.

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