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Credit Scores Differ Across the Credit Bureaus

5 Reasons Why Your Credit Scores Differ Across the Credit Bureaus

Credit scores can seem like complex, abstract concepts. Many people have no idea what their credit score means, or why it’s important. Plus, credit scores vary across the different credit bureaus. So,

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Ways to Increase Your Tax Refund

4 Ways to Increase Your Tax Refund

Do you want to get a big tax refund this year? The good news is that you can minimize your tax liability by taking advantage of every possible tax break. This way, you can potentially snag quite a larger

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Money Mistakes

5 Money Mistakes You Should Avoid This Year

2020 was a year with many surprises and disappointments, especially in the financial portion of our lives. You may have been wondering how to avoid the money mistakes of last year, or even what those

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Tips from Successful Small Business Owners

5 Actionable Tips from Successful Small Business Owners

Starting a new small business can be very rewarding, but it’s without a doubt the most competitive field. According to the SBA (Small Business Administration) 2019 Stats, in the US alone there are

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Paying the Minimum Monthly Balance on Your Credit Card

What’s the Cost of Paying the Minimum Monthly Balance on Your Credit Card?

If you have a high balance on your credit card, it’s often tempting to ignore it and only pay the minimum payments. However, this could become really expensive in the long run, and you may end up

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3 Common Credit Score Myths Debunked

Are you looking to qualify for the best credit cards or rent an apartment? Then it’s essential to understand what credit scores are and why they matter. Credit scores are fundamental to anyone’s

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Got Mail? Here’s How Consumers Are Improving Credit With The Help Of COVID Debt Consolidation

Whether you know it or not, your credit factors into various areas of your life. More than just a three-digit number used to get a home or car loan; credit reports paint a picture of a person’s

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Debt after death

How to Protect Your Beneficiaries from Outstanding Debts

Do you know that the USA has an average of three-quarters of its population who leave debt behind when dead? The last thing that anyone would want is lenders blowing up their loved ones’ phones to collect

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Things I Wish I Knew About Credit Cards (And How I’ve Turned Things Around)

When you graduate high school, you get a ton of offers for credit cards. As an 18-year-old, it’s exciting to have access to funds to buy whatever you’d like. Sure, you know you have to pay the

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Reviews & FAQs on Brice Capital Debt Consolidation

Brice Capital Debt Consolidation is gaining attention recently in their efforts to help consumers get back on top of their financial picture. Nobody was expecting 2022 to go from a very positive-feeling

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