6 Fun and Unique Easter Activities for Your Family

Easter is a time of year when families come together to celebrate the spring season. There are numerous activities that families can enjoy beyond the standard egg painting and egg hunt. Regardless of your family’s size or how much money you have to spend, one of the activities below is sure to be perfect for your family.

Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever forgotten one or more Easter eggs during the annual hunt, only to discover a foul stench days later? A great alternative to the traditional egg hunt is a scavenger hunt, which can be played in a backyard or in a neighborhood. Your family can bring items home (such as flowers from the garden), or take photos of objects they can’t remove (like a nature-themed street sign). The first person with each item can win a small prize, such as a chocolate bunny. If you prefer a scavenger hunt that requires following a series of clues, try using Spend with Pennies’ Easter Scavenger Hunt Ideas as a starting point.

Basket Search

If your Easter is plagued with rain, fear not! You can still have a fun search by hiding Easter baskets in your home. Young children’s baskets can be hidden among decorations in plain sight, while older children can search for their baskets in places like the shower, the washing machine, or on a high shelf.

Costume Party

Everyone has an idea of what the Easter bunny looks like, and no two depictions are the same. Bring your family together for a costume party with a theme, whether it be a cartoonish bunny, a lifelike bunny, a decorated egg, or even a bouquet of flowers. You can purchase or craft a crown or sash for the winner, and they can judge the next year’s competition.

Egg-Themed Cook Off

If your family is handy in the kitchen, or if you only have teens and adults in the house, a cook-off can be a fun activity to keep everyone engaged. For some Easter flair, try making the cook-off egg-themed. You can even make it a competition like the cooking shows on TV — round 1 can be your best quiche, round 2 could use egg noodles, and round 3 might be a dessert with eggs as an ingredient. If you’re low on time, space, or money, you could buy boxed cake mix and have each family member decorate a cupcake with an Easter theme.

Mystery Dinner Party

For families that are creative or enjoy performing, a mystery dinner party is a great option. For a fun theme, try “Who stole the Easter eggs?” or “What happened to the Easter bunny?” Each family member can be assigned a unique role and given clues to help solve the mystery. A creative family member can write the entirety of the play, or you can find a template online to suit the size and age range of your family.

Regardless of your family’s income, size, ages, or other circumstances, Easter can be a fun holiday that provides more than just an egg hunt. Try out one of these activities to create a unique experience for your family, and perhaps begin an annual tradition.