4 Tips for Moving Your Marketing Services In-House

Many small businesses rely on marketing and advertising agencies to supply them with marketing content, social media strategies, and paid-advertising management. And while partnering up with a strong digital marketing team can be a great way for startups to improve their visibility online, eventually business owners may consider moving their marketing efforts in house. With in-house marketing, business leaders typically enjoy greater control and cost-effectiveness than they receive with outsourced marketing efforts. However, transitioning to in-house marketing can be difficult; if done poorly, your company could even lose money and digital clout as a result. With that in mind, here are four tips to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible: 

Take it One Step at a Time

As mentioned above, some companies may depend on external agencies to provide them with virtually all of their marketing content and direction. In such a scenario, it’s wise to gradually transition responsibility to an internal marketing department. Select one area, like blog writing for instance, to move over first and see how your team handles that task before cutting ties with your current agency completely.

Be Honest

Speaking of your current agency, it’s best to be honest with them about your plans to transition to an internal marketing department. True, they probably won’t be happy about losing your business, but reputable marketers will understand your decision. Plus, maintaining a good relationship with your old agency is important should you ever need to call on their services again during an emergency. As a general rule in business, don’t burn any bridges if you can avoid it!

Equip Your Staff

Plain and simple, marketing and sales teams have to work together in order to have sustained success. As such, it’s imperative that business owners provide their employees with the tools they need to collaborate effectively.

Don’t Stop Learning

After a few years spent rubbing shoulders with marketing experts, it can be easy to assume that you’ve learned everything you need to know about generating leads online. However, that’s simply not true. Digital marketing is difficult in large part because it changes so often. What resonates with consumers (and search engines) now may be totally defunct in as little as five years. Given that fact, all professionals intent on marketing on their own need to make it a priority to continually educate themselves and their staff. Don’t pass up learning opportunities like conferences, classes, or useful resources. Keep this in mind to ensure a drama-free transition.