3 Ways Business Owners Can Save For Their Children’s College

Running a business can be hard. The business owner generally gets used to relying on themselves for all important matters. A large number of responsibilities and financial obligations that fall on the business owner can also make it hard to set up effective saving plans. One of the ultimate financial goals of business owners is to save for their children’s college.

If you are struggling to set up the right savings system for your child’s college, then we’ve got some excellent tips to share with you. Each of these methods can be used to help you save up toward college and dorm fees once your child reaches the appropriate age.

1. Take Advantage Of The American Opportunity Tax Credit

The IRS has a specific feature called the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which you can use to your advantage. When you have a child in college, you may be eligible for a credit of up to $2,500. This only accounts for the initial four years when your child goes to college but could result in a credit of as much as $10,000 throughout this period.

There are a few rules and criteria that need to be understood. Make sure you read through the documentation of the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This will help you understand whether the AOTC can be used in order to help you pay for the fees needed to get your child through college.

2. Open A 529 Savings Plan

Starting to save up while your child is still young gives you a longer period to accumulate enough funds for college. There are different options to consider, but a 529 savings plan tends to be one of the better choices.

You should do some research into the specific laws related to your state. In most cases, this becomes a tax-deductible plan. Contributions you make to the 529 savings plan can be reported on your tax documents and becomes a tax deduction in the process. With this in mind, you have the opportunity to save more money for your child’s education.

3. Hire Your Child

The average worker in the United States earns around $51,168 every year. Every year, there is an increase in salaries. You could consider hiring your child and paying them a lower wage – with the condition that money saved through this process will go toward the savings plan for their college. Your child could be useful in helping you do filing or even become a waiter if you own a restaurant. There are many opportunities to explore. Consider the talents your child has and perhaps the career they want to aim for. This will give you a good idea of where they could fit in your business. 


To save for their children’s college from an early age is important for all, but there are also several challenges you may face. A few smart moves, however, can make the process much easier. The tips we shared help you save up for college, while also ensuring you can attend to other important factors in your life.