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gratitude and money

Money and Gratitude: Why They Work Together

Today I want to talk about gratitude and how it helps your money in more than a “law of attraction” way. We are often told that be grateful and the universe will send you more.  Yet if you are like

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what is a spousal ira

What is a Spousal IRA and How New Business Owners can use it to Save for Retirement

Want to save for retirement but you don’t have an earned income (or it is a small earned income)? Wish you had access to the benefits of an IRA, but that earned income thing is setting you back? Not

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4 percent rule

4 Percent Rule: How to Know if it is Right for You and Your Money?

When planning for retirement there are many generalized rules that you might stumble across. One of those rules is the 4% withdrawal rule. What this basically says is that in your first year of retirement

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stop negative self talk

Stop Being Your Worst Enemy: Change Negative Self Talk to Positive Self Talk

Self talk is what we say to ourselves throughout the course of the day, both out loud and in our heads.  Each and every one of us has an ongoing dialogue in our head that impacts our daily lives.  These

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How to Invest money wisely

How to Invest Money Wisely When You are New to Investing

Wondering how you can invest your money wisely, especially when you are just starting to learn how to invest?  Well, the key to investing money wisely is to understand what being wise actually means. According

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household budget percentages

How Much to Budget: Do Household Budget Percentages Work

There are many times in life when we wish someone would just tell us what to do.  It would be a lot easier to pick a career if you were just told what to do.  It would be a lot easier to start and run

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accounting software

Easy Ways to Track Small Business Expenses and Income

Reader Question:  I am looking for an easy way to track small business (one person) income and expenses. – Kathy I love this question for one reason – tracking your small business finances is crucial

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personal financial plan

Four Easy Steps to Create a Financial Plan

A financial plan is crucial to being able to achieve what you want in life.  Yet it can feel like an overwhelming task to create a plan – there seems to be so many details and at the same time so many

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budgeting irregular expeses

The Secrets to Budgeting for Irregular Expenses Without Using Debt

Budgeting for irregular, unplanned and one-time expenses can be a challenge.   It requires an extra level of planning and a bit of discipline to make it happen.  Yet the extra planning is important

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Why You Need to Save for Retirement Now: the Benefis of Investing Early

Your number one financial goal should be to get yourself into a position where you are saving for retirement as early as possible.  Why?  Because the benefits of investing for retirement early cannot

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